‘Twas the night before book launch and all through the house…

Yes it’s true, after three long, I mean ebullient and edifying, years, tomorrow is the big day. But unlike the birth of a human, which this feels awfully close to in many ways, the sheer vulnerability and powerlessness of it all, with book publishing it’s not like my perception and understanding of the world is going to change over night. A book doesn’t breath after all, not literally. Launch then, is a more appropriate word than birth for a book. You launch it, you set it off in to the ether and see what happens. If my experience in interviews is any indication so far, people really do want to laugh more in their marriages. Which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. So it’s not just me, phew.

Please order away. What I think is so great about this book, if I must say so myself, is that it is the perfect gift book for just about anyone. Except maybe adolescents, either due to age or character development. But anyone who wants a successful marriage, is about to get married, has been married a few years and wondering where the zing went AND anyone who has been married a long time and wants to celebrate this accomplishment reading about some of their peers, it’s just a kick ass good read for people committed to staying committed to other people in intimate relationships.

Thank you so much if you made it to this page. I can’t wait to meet you at one of the many events this month in California and New York and the rest of the year around the country!