2016 Back on the Road!

Yes it’s true! After a few months off to sink my teeth in to the marriage I travel the country talking about, not literally, well, not every day, I am back out seeing the country. This week I headed to Naples, FLA. for 18 hours. Many laughs were had about marital customs of the local villagers, the most successful of which is that the men don’t speak unless directed by their wives. I also had just enough time to run to the exceptional white silky beach I’d read so much about. Even stripped off my running clothes to dive in to the clear, calm COLD blue water. To learn more just use this link and visit The Monster Cycle.

After some stimulating back and forth with an audience of about 100 of how to keep marriages close and happy decade after decade, we kibbitzed in the lobby where books were signed.

Thank you to Ted Epstein for a great day. Less than 24 hours later I was back in LA, performing on a show of seasoned comedy veterans including Carol Liefer, Henry Phillips, and more, called “Home Grown Comedy,” hosted and produced by Wendy Liebman. Had the best time recounting the greatest hits stories from the tour so far and breaking out the new Alzheimer’s material. 12734142_10153279430411300_2549982980799551373_n

Next week I am off to West Palm Beach, FLA for a Ladies Night Out. I am MOST excited about this one ’cause I hear there will be manicures and champagne for those in the need. And of course, lots of good tips for continuing to laugh in your marriage years after you’d think it possible.