“Take My Spouse, Please” first draft DONE!

Thanks for checking in here.  A lot has happened since 2014 hit.  Completed the first draft of “Take My Spouse, Please,” and the NY Times picked up the first video installment.  Lew Schneider and wife of 27 years Liz Abbe just always make me smile. I also finished as article for LA Parent Magazine on LAUSD and how to get your child a decent to great education in the Los Angeles area when you don’t have a bag of money taking up too much space on your kitchen counter.  It’s part of education issue which is set to publish February. Timely article since the slow burn in the pit of stomach is where my oldest will be going to middle school next year.  Oh for the days of Long Lots Junior High in Westport, Connecticut.  My parents gave not one thought to where I would be going or my education at all back then.  Different times. Have to get used to blogging.  They will be short at first, unless I have something worth reading to write.  But happy to have a place to share the behind the scenes of my glamorous life. Tee hee.

And if you haven’t read this yet, and need some inspiration for managing friendships at all ages, check it out! Searching for Ethel.