The Latest!

Hey welcome to my new website and my first blog entry that I am going to cram with so many important sounding events and websites and book launches that you’ll be amazingly impressed with me! All kidding aside, probably the most exciting show I a working on now is with Mallika Chopra ( and Dr. Cara Natterson ( We are going to be shooting a web series in November to answer the thinking mothers’ questions.  So no stories about dirty diapers or the leaky breasts.  Not that those don’t have their place, it’s just not going to be what we cover. Mallika is Deepak’s daughter and she handles all things spiritual, Dr. Cara is a leading pediatrician and expert on all things developmental and that leaves me! While not exactly the court jester, certainly I am the one of the three who cares most about bringing the  funny.  To your family, to your marriage and most of all to yourself.  Will keep you posted when this show is up and running on YouTube! I am also working on a top-secret-please-don’t-tell-anyone web show with a company for Kids At Play who produce tons of shows for Yahoo. It’ll be with funny Moms and it will be not be covering your usual subjects of sleep deprivation and the importance of wooden toys.  Unless they’re sex toys. Oh god, that is so not my style but I gotta give you something if you’ve come this far in to the site! In the meantime, I am very busy shopping book number two about the importance of humor for preserving long-term marriage called “How To Kill Your Spouse … everything I need to be happily married I learned being a comic.”  Operators are standing by but St. Martin’s gets it first. Hope to see you all at the next live Afterbirth show in Hollywood, at the M Bar, on November 10th!