Happy New Year with percocet

Happy New Year!

Today is a big day, kids safely back at school, me not-so-safely at my desk sitting down to organize my next book.  Originally titled “How To Kill Your Spouse,” this one will tackle the importance of humor in longterm marriage. It will take my curriculum from a class I taught at UCLA in stand-up comedy and apply it to long-term marriage. Kind of out there, but when I started to actually apply the principles of comedy, they really are helpful.  What marriage couldn’t be helped by introducing a little surprise factor? Or by just remembering to show up for each other even when you’re not in the mood? Just like a professional comic learns to do.  I did some preliminary interviews with long term couples and what surprised me was how much it turns out people care about wardrobe!  This was a throw-away suggestion, or so I thought.  Sparked all kinds of conversations about making an effort for each other. Although, you can take a look at this Fab CBD review and learn the benefits of this natural medicine.

So I am excited by the challenge of moving forward and exploring the whole idea of humor and marriage for this book.  It’s going to be published by Shambala Press for Random House.

In other news, kids are back at school after many laughs, lying around in bed and a seemingly endless stream of pizza.  Ah vacation.  I also wrote this article for Huffington Post because I can’t seem to get over the shootings in Connecticut.

And, by the way, I apologize if I been a little absent from this blog. It has been a bit difficult for me since my brother is in the hospital due to a strange disease he got when he went abroad. He was having problems with pain, very intense pain. Luckily for him a nurse came and advice him to take percocet, because apparently no other painkiller would help him. She said that he could buy percocet with credit card and that he could be assisted by a certified doctor to help him with the prescription.

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